Who can beat the Georgia Bulldogs? That’s the question as we look ahead to the 2023 regular season schedule. How about ’em? Kirby? I told ’em “How ’bout them f*cking Dawgs!” That’s what I told ’em. The Georgia Bulldogs have won back-to-back national championships and have come 30 and won over the last two seasons in the process, including a perfect 15 and 0 season last year.

Now, of course, Georgia’s gonna lose a game at some point, but is that gonna be in 2023? , when you bring up the dog’s 2023 schedule, everybody’s gonna point to how easy it. On paper, but they’re always gonna conveniently leave out the fact that the Dawgs have aggressively scheduled non-conference opponents over the last few years.

And this season they had the Oklahoma Sooners on the road, no less scheduled for game two with Oklahoma and Texas coming into the league in 2024. The SEC told Georgia that they couldn’t play Oklahoma. . As a result, the 2023 season schedule shakes out like this on September 2nd. The Dawgs play UT Martin at home.

Then on September nine, they have Ball State. That’s the replacement game for the Oklahoma Sooners Road game that got kicked out by the SEC. The next week we get into League play on September 16th against the South Carolina Gamecocks. This is a game that people usually point to as one where Georgia could possibly trip up early in the year .

I know Spencer Rattler is coming back for the Gamecocks, and that was a big deal. Shane Beamer has that program moving in the right direction, but I don’t think they’re ready to compete with the Dawgs in Athens just yet. The next week, the Dawgs get UAB at home to close out the opening month of the season, which saw them have four home games.

Now that’s advantageous for the Dawgs because they are replacing their offensive coordinator with Mike Bobo and they’re gonna be breaking in a new quarterback, getting to do those things at home between the hedges, well, that has to be an advantage. In week five, the Dawgs go on the road for the first time to the plains to take on the Auburn Tigers in a continuation of the deep South’s oldest rivalry.

Now, this game can be a little tricky, but I don’t think even with a new head coach and new offensive coordinator, that the Tigers are gonna have things figured out just yet, and Georgia should be able to get that win on the road. Just know it could be a little dicey. As we move into October, the Dawgs continue league play welcoming in the Kentucky Wildcats between the hedges in Athens.

I just don’t think that Mark Stoops can bring his Wildcats between the hedges and get that victory, six games in and halfway through the season. We’ve already pointed out a couple of places that could prove to be a little tricky for the Bulldogs in the 2023 regular season schedule, the home game against South Carolina and then the road game against the Auburn Tigers.

As we make our way through October, the Dawgs continually play taking on Vanderbilt on the 14th, and then they’ll close out the month after a bye week with the annual game in Jacksonville against the Gators. Now this game against Florida, you just never know what’s gonna happen. Florida appears to be a mess, but I’ve seen too many things go down in Jacksonville that I just can’t explain, so I’m never gonna count this game as a victory for the Dawgs until all zeroes are on the.

Thank you for being here. If you enjoy the kind of content we’re producing, please take a second and hit that thumbs up button. It really helps us get the video out to other dog fans just like you. As the calendar returns to November, we start to play the games that people will remember, the ones that will define the season and November in 2023 will be no different for the Dawgs.

They open the month on the fourth against Missouri. The Dawgs struggled on the road last year in Colombia before finally pulling out the win, but I don’t think Missouri’s gonna have the horses to get the job done in Athens this year. The next week, the Dawgs welcome in the Ole Miss Rebels. This is one game that could be a little tricky for the Dawgs because we don’t know exactly what Ole Miss is gonna be.

They’re gonna have a new quarterback, most likely. They definitely have a new defensive coordinator and they’ve brought in a bunch of transfers from the portal yet again. How Lane Kiffin stirs the pot down there in Mississippi and gets this team to gel is gonna determine what kind of challenge this is gonna be for Georgia here in November.

We’re just gonna have to wait and see. One thing’s for sure, though Mississippi should be talented enough to be on the Dawg’s radar as a possible threat. Next up comes the game that most people are gonna point to as the biggest threat to the Bulldogs pulling off another undefeated regular season. They have to go on the road to take on the Tennessee Volunteers in Knoxville.

Coming off great season in 2022, Tennessee is gonna have to replace some of the players that made that season so great as they head into 2023. Georgia has won six straight in the series, and they’re gonna look to continue that dominance on the road in Knoxville. To wrap up the season, the dogs head down to Atlanta to take on the Jackets in another bout of clean, old-fashioned hate.

The Dawgs should take care of business here and they could very well be playing for another 12 – 0 season when they get to Atlanta. So there you have it. A look at the 2023 regular season schedule for the Dawgs. Do you think they’re gonna go undefeated again? Be sure to drop me a comment below and let me know.

Let ’em know. Kirby, we will not be hunted at the University of Georgia. I can promise you that.



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