Georgia football head coach Kirby Smart speaks to the media at the 2023 SEC Football Kickoff, Tuesday July 18,2023 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Nashville,Tn . (Jimmie Mitchell/SEC)

cover 3 podcast – College football experts pick Georgia to win the National Championship

“Is it a 4-peat if Georgia wins next year?”  – Bud Elliott

Chip Patterson: Who would be your title pick next season Bud?

Bud Elliott: Georgia. They return the best QB of all of the…what we would consider the immediate contenders. From the chatter it sounds like Dumas Johnson was gonna get Wally Pipped. He got dinged up and it was like “Oh! CJ Allen is a future ten year pro.” Wilson is coming along. It seemed like Georgia got the right guys to not declare. They have the QB coming back, so I would pick Georgia.

Tom Fornelli: I would also pick Georgia. And then the question is if Michigan’s title gets vacated is it a three peat for Georgia.

Bud Elliott: Is it a 4-peat if Georgia wins next year?
Georgia’s schedule is certainly tough as the chat is pointing out. But you have to consider things differently in this new era.

Chip Patterson: 12 team expansion

(They discussed other possible teams)

Ohio State- Dog backed into the corner mentality. “Desperation Day………..Part III”

Texas- If Arch lives up to being Arch Manning (Isn’t Ewers back? Weird comment unless he changed his mind.)

Michigan- Got enough coming back to make a run. Perhaps even more run heavy. Defense is gonna be great.

Arizona- 18 starters back and easy conference

Oregon- Have to put them up there. Roster is rapidly improving. Dylan Gabriel is a vet.

Penn State- Chip doesn’t like. Tom doesn’t like. Conference is tougher. May make the playoffs, but no real chance.

Alabama- Milroe may not be likely to improve, but certainly a possiblility he does.

Bud: I like that there are so many teams we can’t rule out. If Georgia plays so well it’s a foregone conclusion, you still have to go win three tough games in a row.

Washington- losing too much off the roster. Not in the playoff.

If Harbaugh goes NFL would Kalen D. pull a Kevin Durant?




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